What to Look for During a Walk-Through of an Apartment


Apartment hunting can occasionally be overwhelming.

Totally joking…apartment hunting is always overwhelming. And that’s just going through the search itself: raking through listings, websites, Craigslist ads. Trying to determine the best locations. Figuring out that Richmond is definitely where you want to live.

So by the time the actual touring-of-the-apartment rolls around, it can be a lot try to remember everything.

Which is why we’ve compiled a brief yet informative list of what to look for when doing a walk-through of your new potential apartment home.

First, the obvious stuff. Look carefully at the walls, floors and ceilings for: cracks, water damage, unexplained bloodstains, things like that. Ensure that these issues can be resolved before moving in. This may seem obvious, but when you haven’t slept in a week, wandering through your potentially new apartment in a manic craze, you’ll thank me.

After that, let’s go a layer deeper. Into the walls. I once read a recommendation to bring a clock radio to test all of the outlets. This is up to you, if you care that much about working outlets. And also if you even have a clock radio. I’m not sure those still exist. Now that I think about it, that article may have been from the 90’s. But literally anything else with a plug would work, like a lava lamp, or a disco ball, or a lip-shaped telephone.

walk-throughWindows are a thing too. Check: do all of them open? Do all of them shut properly? Are there any? Is this even something you care about?!

And what about water? Someone once mentioned to me that they turn on the showers of a potential apartment to test the water pressure.

I desperately want to make a Seinfeld reference here.

Anyway, maybe water pressure isn’t a big deal for you. Maybe you don’t want to take the time. I’m just here to provide suggestions.

Then, of course, there are the other, less obvious but still important, things to look for. Washer, dryer, dishwasher, A/C unit, roof. Any or all of the above that are important to you.

Yes, apartment-hunting can be overwhelming, but small steps make everything easier. Now to start the packing process…