Richmond in Top 25 Places to Live in the United States

Richmond – Just Move Here, Already!

There used to be a slogan floating around town, showing up on t-shirts and bumper stickers and bathroom wall graffiti. It read “Richmond, Virginia, A Pretty OK Place.” And here’s the thing: Richmond, Virginia is a pretty OK place. It’s so much a pretty OK place that it’s recently been recognized by US News and World Report as one of the Top 25 pretty OK places in the United States to live.

It’s a pretty OK place because there are a lot of pretty OK things about it.

Why Move to Richmond

Some people (me) call it a big city trapped in a small town’s body (clever, right?). There’s always a lot to do, with rapidly growing niches for whatever your interests may be: music, theater, comedy, art, outdoors, history, and so on (that’s the big city part). But it’s still communal enough that all of the circles run together, and community pockets develop constantly (that’s the small town part).

richmondIf you’ve ever heard Richmond referred to as the “River City,” well, I’ll tell you why. We’ve got a pretty OK river running throughout the city, ideal for scenic selfies, swimming on a hot day, or hanging out on a rock next to it with your friends. Many area neighborhoods, such as Byrd Park and Westover Hills, provide access to the river and other outdoor attractions like parks and hiking trails.

Homes in Richmond are pretty OK too. From city slickers in Shockoe Bottom to nine-to-five suburbanites in the West End to people who want a little of both in the Fan, there are a wide range of residential options for a wide range of residents.

Driveways and backyards, access to nature, or the ability to walk to the grocery store; Richmond can cater to whatever you seek.

But no matter where you are, the cost of living is pretty OK too. Affordably priced housing is easy to find, even when location, location, location factors in. And outside of rent and mortgage, recreation in Richmond is reasonable too. Enjoying a night out won’t break your wallet, unlike some other, less OK cities that made it onto that Top 25 list.

So, come on, consider joining us Richmonders in our well-balanced, river-soaked, affordable, community-oriented, pretty OK life.