How to Persuade People to Help You Move

help you move

Three well-known truths that come with adulthood: 1) Moving is an immense hassle. 2) People hate moving and hate helping other people move. 3) Moving is inevitable.

Even though it’s a necessary evil, and likely something you’ll face multiple times in your life, there are ways to entice your friends, family, coworkers, acquaintances, and strangers into helping.

  1. Give plenty of advanced notice. The moment you have a moving date, send up flares and let your friends know that you’ll need help. People are much more willing to commit if they don’t have to rearrange their schedule.
  2. Have everything packed by moving day. Come on. Don’t be that guy. You’re commissioning your friends for their strength, manpower, and car space. Not their packing abilities. Plus, having everything organized makes the move go much more smoothly.
  3. Remind them that moving is a great workout. Because it is! You may, however, have to remind them of this many times if you’re moving into or out of a multi-story building with no elevator. And I mean, a lot of times. Perhaps also throw in a “thanks for being such a great friend” once in awhile.
  4. Help your friends move. This one all comes down to the golden rule: Do unto others on their moving day as you would have them do unto you on your moving day. Your friends will be much more willing to return the favor if you’ve helped them move in the past.
  5. Blackmail. If your friends still refuse to help you, remind them of all of their secrets you have that they wouldn’t want “accidentally” spilled to their boss, significant other, or parents.*
  6. Pizza and beer. Enough said.
  7. Hire movers. Again…enough said. If trying to convince your friends to help you move proves frustratingly difficult, it may be time to shell out the money for cooperative friends, AKA professional movers.



*It is not advised to ever blackmail your friends. Even if they’re being stubborn about helping you move. In that case, maybe you need to find new friends.