Neighborhood Highlights: The Fan

Fan residents love a lot of things. They love riding bikes. They love walking their dogs on sunny days. They love taking pictures of their neighborhood in the fall and posting them on Instagram. (#FallinVA)

But what Fan residents love above all is coffee.

There are masses of local, independently owned coffee shops that thrive in the Fan District.

Take Rostov’s, for instance. This humble little coffee shop has been around since 1979, keeping Richmond caffeinated with dozens of different coffee blends. They’re so serious about coffee that they have staff on hand with the job title “master roaster,” who roast the beans on premise every week. In fact, many other independent coffee shops in the area, shops that don’t roast their own coffee beans or employ “master roasters,” use Rostov’s coffee. Because it’s that good.

Or check out Sugar & Twine, the sweetest lil’ coffee shop, located in Carytown, that leaves you smelling like birthday cake and smiles for days afterwards.

And then take Black Hand, another one of those Richmond staples that roasts its own beans and supplies its drinkers with a wide variety of flavors and selections. They’ve made their way all around the city, served in fellow independent coffee shops and found in local brewery’s coffee stouts.

Then there’s the notorious Lamplighter, a.k.a. the coffee shop that’s synonymous with Richmond, Virginia. Hipsters love it, vegans love it, suited-up professionals love it, dogs love it. Anytime you go, you’ll see a range of humans and a range of activities. People working on laptops, people on first dates, people meeting up with friends, and people just trying to take a caffeine break. It’s so popular, in fact, that there’s a second location in the Fan. Just be careful which to specify if you’re meeting a friend, a mistake every Richmond resident has made at least twice.

And in case you were wondering, yes, there are a few Starbucks locations that have made their way into the Fan District.

But we don’t talk about that, okay?