Neighborhood Highlights: Jackson Ward

jackson ward

Richmond is a quirky little town, with a lot of charm and character.

Under the Richmond umbrella sits dozens of different neighborhoods, all with their own unique personalities to bring to the table.

Look at Jackson Ward, for instance. Residents of this neighborhood can expect and enjoy a deep-rooted atmosphere of art and culture. And if “art and culture” is Jackson Ward’s first name, “craft cocktails” is definitely its middle name. Some popular spots to enjoy a drink in between all the art and culture include: Saison, with giant ice cubes and a consistently rotating beverage menu. The Rogue Gentleman, with literally an award-winning cocktail program. Or, shhh, there’s even a speakeasy, with 1920’s themed food and beverages (and none of the alcohol was made in a bathtub).

But since you can’t spend all of your time drinking cocktails (I know, I know, you definitely can, I just felt like I should say it like it’s a socially unacceptable thing to do), dip your toes into live theater once in awhile.

Who am I kidding…do a cannonball. The theater scene in Jackson Ward is flourishing. Where to even begin?

Well, first of all, there are two historical theaters (I mean, “theatres”): the Virginia Repertory Theatre, with a diverse rotation of productions, and the Hippodrome, a 1920’s-themed event space (and incidentally, the same building as the speakeasy).

Then there are a couple of theaters that are less on the historic side and simply more edgy. The Coalition Theater, for example, is an eight-year-old comedy venue with live improv, standup, and sketch shows. And TheatreLab, just a few blocks away, houses a stage (underground!) with rotating performances and special events.

Jackson Ward is…well, it’s just one of Richmond’s great neighborhoods. It’s hard to get bored here. Or, stay sober.