Manchester Area of Richmond


Over the recent years, Manchester has become another one of those revitalized neighborhoods in Richmond. You know, the kind of historic neighborhood that used to be full of warehouses and not much else. The kind of neighborhood people used to generally avoid or end up in on accident.

Okay, so that’s maybe a slight exaggeration, but it has definitely gained a better reputation over recent years. Located right across the river, just southwest of Shockoe Bottom, Manchester is now one of those neighborhoods for any kind of person.

First of all, residential spots are diverse and easy to find. If you’re a house kind of person, the streets are filled with well-built homes and friendly neighbors. And hey, even better if you’re an old-house-with-tons-of-character kind of person.

But if apartment life is more your jam, you don’t have to sacrifice the historic charm that Manchester is known and loved for.

manchesterMany of the apartments (wait…all? Fact checking…okay, many) in Manchester are converted warehouses, resurfaced from the area’s industrial days. So basically all (I mean many) of the apartments are rustic and vintage, but still have the benefits of fresh renovations and modern amenities. With brick walls that will make anything you hang up look a hundred times cooler.

And for all of you public transportation kind of people, good news: the bus system is easily accessible in Manchester (well, as easily accessible as you can get in Richmond). But if you’re more of a car kind of person, good news still: Manchester is in that phase where it’s a great place to go, but not everyone has caught on, so parking is really convenient.

And if you’re the kind of person who likes nearby, even walkable, businesses, you’re in luck. Because of the neighborhood’s recent revitalization, business owners are taking notice. As a result, coffee shops and restaurants have started materializing in between homes and apartment buildings all over.

And best of all, Manchester is located right next to the James River, for you sun-bathing, hippy kind of people.