Petersburg, Virginia Living

Petersburg is that kid in high school that everyone thought would never amount to anything, but suddenly got his life together and has become a respectable adult. What I’m saying is, Petersburg is an impressive little city. It’s located 30…

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Varina, Virginia


Varina is the lowly stepchild of Richmond. Located in eastern Henrico, people often forget about its presence. Or look at Varina residents like foreigners when they announce where they live. But don’t let anyone tell you there’s nothing in Varina.…

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Midlothian, Virginia Neighborhoods


Midlothian is a very passionate area. And I don’t necessarily mean the residents of Midlothian…I mean the actual neighborhood, Midlothian, has many passions. For instance, Midlothian loves shopping. The area, located south of the city of Richmond on the edge…

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Near West End – Richmond, Virginia

apartments near west end

I like to think of the Near West End as that neighborhood for indecisive people. Its name even gives away its vacillating quality. It’s located just west of the city, but not west enough to consider itself West End territory.…

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Forest Hill – Richmond, Virginia

Welcome to Forest Hill, the popular, decades-old Southside neighborhood just a river-crossing away from the city. This spot has grown yet aged, but in that well-kept, people-love-it-here kind of way. It’s developed into the kind of district that many Richmonders…

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Jackson Ward – Richmond, Virginia

Jackson Ward Richmond

One of the biggest appeals of Richmond is its artistic side. As the home of Virginia Commonwealth University, a college touted among the most prominent arts schools in the country, a booming arts district is inescapable. And within that booming…

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Ginter Park – Richmond, Virginia

ginter park

Ginter Park is located at the very top of Richmond’s Northside. It was developed by Lewis Ginter himself, the guy who started that plant haven that us Richmonders know as Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens. You know, the place that people…

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