Neighborhood Highlights: The Wards of Richmond

the wards

The Wards is slang I made up just now for two adjacent neighborhoods in the center of downtown Richmond: Jackson Ward and Monroe Ward. These guys have a ton in common, and the only reason they’re not one conjoined Ward…

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Neighborhood Highlights: The Fan

Fan residents love a lot of things. They love riding bikes. They love walking their dogs on sunny days. They love taking pictures of their neighborhood in the fall and posting them on Instagram. (#FallinVA) But what Fan residents love…

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How to Persuade People to Help You Move

help you move

Three well-known truths that come with adulthood: 1) Moving is an immense hassle. 2) People hate moving and hate helping other people move. 3) Moving is inevitable. Even though it’s a necessary evil, and likely something you’ll face multiple times…

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Highlights of Shockoe Bottom

shockoe bottom

Perhaps it’s because of its historic past. Perhaps it’s because of its aged and vintage buildings. Perhaps it’s because of all that cobblestone. But Shockoe Bottom is inundated with museums; in fact, it’s hard to go anywhere in the neighborhood…

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Neighborhood Highlights: Church Hill

Church Hill is another one of those neighborhoods that includes itself in the great-neighborhoods-of-Richmond category. But (like a stubborn teenager) also has its own identity (okay?!). Sure, Church Hill has award-winning restaurants, charming coffee shops, and lush gardens. But one…

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Neighborhood Highlights: Jackson Ward

jackson ward

Richmond is a quirky little town, with a lot of charm and character. Under the Richmond umbrella sits dozens of different neighborhoods, all with their own unique personalities to bring to the table. Look at Jackson Ward, for instance. Residents…

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Manchester Area of Richmond


Over the recent years, Manchester has become another one of those revitalized neighborhoods in Richmond. You know, the kind of historic neighborhood that used to be full of warehouses and not much else. The kind of neighborhood people used to…

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What to Look for During a Walk-Through of an Apartment


Apartment hunting can occasionally be overwhelming. Totally joking…apartment hunting is always overwhelming. And that’s just going through the search itself: raking through listings, websites, Craigslist ads. Trying to determine the best locations. Figuring out that Richmond is definitely where you…

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What to Prioritize When Finding an Apartment

finding an apartment

When searching for an apartment, there are always multiple factors to consider. It’s a big decision, after all. It’s your residence. Your resting place. Your solace after a long day. Not just any old place will do. But, as that…

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