Helpful Moving Guide

moving guideGetting ready to move?  See below for some helpful moving tips from our moving guide that you may (or may not) have thought of.  Straight from our experts!

Must-Have Moving Supplies

  • Boxes: Cardboard, Plastic Bins, etc.
  • Packing Paper: Newspaper, Paper Towels, Tissue Paper
  • Tape: Duct Tape, Moving Tape
  • Markers: Sharpies, Magic Markers, etc.
  • Scissors and/or Box Cutters

Important Questions to Ask Before Moving

  • Is there a freight elevator?
    If so, use it! This will make bringing up boxes and large items much easier.
  • Can I borrow a moving dolly from the community?
    If not, you may want to bring one to help with heavy furniture and stacking boxes.
  • Should you ask friends to help or hire professional movers?
    You may be surprised how much time and money you’ll actually save with professionals. Call around for the best rates!