The Fan / Museum District – Richmond Neighborhoods At A Glance

The Fan! Richmond’s original hot spot! The Fan originally earned its name because its main streets begin in the same base location, and spread out apart from each other in a fan-like pattern.

Just west is the Museum District, the slightly quieter and slightly more sophisticated, yet just as charming counterpart to the Fan.

This area dates back to the 19th century, but has aged like a fine wine. Or George Clooney. Homes are rustic and timeless, with more character than even Pinterest connoisseurs know what to do with.

The neighborhood itself has tons of historic value (monuments and museums and milestones!) mixed with modern day amenities (cafes and clubs and cold brew coffee!) And houses are interspersed with businesses on nearly every block. Libraries, restaurants, bars, bookstores, salons, bakeries, markets, parks, and coffee shops; all trendy, all local, all within walking distance.

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And Richmonders alike can agree, the Fan-slash-Museum District is beautiful no matter the time of year. You’ll hear chatter about the sprouting Spring flowers speckling the sidewalks, the summertime bustle, or how undeniably picturesque it is among the orange and yellow leaves. And did I mention when it’s covered in snow?

the fanOh, and Carytown! I can’t believe I almost forgot about Carytown! This nine block stretch is located in the top left corner of the Museum District and is the cutest darn shopping strip Richmond has to offer. It’s chock-full of over 200 local restaurants, boutiques, businesses and cafes; there’s usually someone on the sidewalk selling flowers or offering to read your palm. Ask any local about Carytown, and their eyes will light up with recognition, fondness, and nostalgia.

The Fan/Museum District has got it all. It’s the perfect spot to go on a first date, walk a dog, buy a house, push a stroller, spend a family outing, or relax retired bones.

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