Near West End – Richmond, Virginia

apartments near west end

I like to think of the Near West End as that neighborhood for indecisive people. Its name even gives away its vacillating quality. It’s located just west of the city, but not west enough to consider itself West End territory.…

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Goochland – Richmond, Virginia

goochland brewery

Let’s take a trip. Out of the city. Through the suburbs. Let’s keep going…into the countryside. And what do you know, here we are in Goochland. Fresh air, green grass, trees, sunlight, and open land; there’s just something freeing about…

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Staples Mill – Richmond, Virginia

Staples Mill is a main highway in Richmond. But really, it’s more like a vital artery among our town. It veers off of Broad Street, and continues running northwest for miles. But it’s kind of like that road in the…

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Glen Allen

Alright, you suburbanites. Here’s your chance to shine. 14 miles north of the city of Richmond lies the neighborhood of Glen Allen. I don’t know who Glen Allen was, but his namesake town sure is a great place. Click Here…

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Willow Lawn

Much like Richmond’s Near West End, Willow Lawn is the perfect half-city, half-suburb neighborhood. It’s for you “I’d like to be near the hustle and bustle, but I also would like to still have a backyard and driveway and some…

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Short Pump

Short Pump is located in Henrico County, west of Richmond. It’s a quick trip from here to the mountains, or a mere highway jump down to the city. There are some stores, restaurants, developing neighborhoods, and a few gas stations.…

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