Midlothian, Virginia Neighborhoods


Midlothian is a very passionate area. And I don’t necessarily mean the residents of Midlothian…I mean the actual neighborhood, Midlothian, has many passions. For instance, Midlothian loves shopping. The area, located south of the city of Richmond on the edge…

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Forest Hill – Richmond, Virginia

Welcome to Forest Hill, the popular, decades-old Southside neighborhood just a river-crossing away from the city. This spot has grown yet aged, but in that well-kept, people-love-it-here kind of way. It’s developed into the kind of district that many Richmonders…

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Bon Air – Southside Richmond Neighborhoods

In French, “Bon Air” is translated to “unbelievably family-friendly.” Or at least I assume it is, based on its wholesome environment. The neighborhoods of Bon Air are packed with Cleaver-esque neighbors, always smiling and willing to lend a cup of…

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