How to Persuade People to Help You Move

help you move

Three well-known truths that come with adulthood: 1) Moving is an immense hassle. 2) People hate moving and hate helping other people move. 3) Moving is inevitable. Even though it’s a necessary evil, and likely something you’ll face multiple times…

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What to Look for During a Walk-Through of an Apartment


Apartment hunting can occasionally be overwhelming. Totally joking…apartment hunting is always overwhelming. And that’s just going through the search itself: raking through listings, websites, Craigslist ads. Trying to determine the best locations. Figuring out that Richmond is definitely where you…

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What to Prioritize When Finding an Apartment

finding an apartment

When searching for an apartment, there are always multiple factors to consider. It’s a big decision, after all. It’s your residence. Your resting place. Your solace after a long day. Not just any old place will do. But, as that…

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Helpful Moving Guide

Getting ready to move?  See below for some helpful moving tips from our moving guide that you may (or may not) have thought of.  Straight from our experts! Must-Have Moving Supplies Boxes: Cardboard, Plastic Bins, etc. Packing Paper: Newspaper, Paper…

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Should You Rent or Buy – Which is Right For You?

Here are some things you should consider when you’re deciding whether you should rent an apartment or house, or to make a the big plunge and buy your own piece of property to call home. What will it cost you?…

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