Neighborhood Highlights: The Wards of Richmond

the wards

The Wards is slang I made up just now for two adjacent neighborhoods in the center of downtown Richmond: Jackson Ward and Monroe Ward. These guys have a ton in common, and the only reason they’re not one conjoined Ward…

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Highlights of Shockoe Bottom

shockoe bottom

Perhaps it’s because of its historic past. Perhaps it’s because of its aged and vintage buildings. Perhaps it’s because of all that cobblestone. But Shockoe Bottom is inundated with museums; in fact, it’s hard to go anywhere in the neighborhood…

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Neighborhood Highlights: Church Hill

Church Hill is another one of those neighborhoods that includes itself in the great-neighborhoods-of-Richmond category. But (like a stubborn teenager) also has its own identity (okay?!). Sure, Church Hill has award-winning restaurants, charming coffee shops, and lush gardens. But one…

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