Best Hiking Trails in Richmond

It’s that time of year again, folks. The time of year when the sweltering temperatures disappear, the leaves turn vivid colors you forgot they were capable of turning, and sweaters and scarves are back in the daily rotation.

And for Richmond, it means that our hiking trails are in their prime. The bugs are at a minimum, the beauty is at a maximum, and the weather is that perfect not-too-hot-and-not-too-cold status.

Which is great, because “hiking” is Richmond’s middle name. People here go crazy for the local trails, and frankly, it’s hard not to. We’ve got over a dozen trails to choose from, ranging from simple to more advanced. From riverside to woodsy. From urban to more likely to see a bear.

The city itself contains multiple trails, such as Pony Pasture Rapids Trail, Bryan Park Trail, or Three Lakes Park Trial, to name a few. A huge draw for these spots is the proximity to the river, which always makes for a more scenic hike and way better Instagram pictures, obvi.

Then there’s Belle Isle Trail, another riverside trail with the added bonus of historic value along the route. Check out the scenery while reading plaques to fill your head with knowledge about its past as a power plant, an iron milling factory, and, even a Civil War prison camp for Union soldiers.

Venture outside of the city to find Pocahontas State Park in the heart of Chesterfield, Deep Run Park in Henrico County, Buttermilk Trail immediately south of the James, and so on. What I’m saying is, anywhere you turn you’re almost guaranteed to find a hiking trail.

Just in case, it’s best to keep some trail mix with you at all times.