Best Biking Trails in Richmond

biking trails in richmond

Spring is here again. And during those glorious two weeks in Richmond, between the bitter cold and the scorching heat, lies the best time to grab a bike and hit the trails.

Richmond loves a whole lot of things, and biking is pretty high on that list (right in between grocery stores and wishing slavery didn’t happen).

There are a variety of trails to fit a variety of preferences, from short and leisurely to more challenging to “you probably have one of those helmets with a tiny mirror attached.”

Prefer to stay city-side? Find a bike trail such as the Buttermilk Trail, or Ancarrow’s Landing. Or venture into any of our local parks for a leisurely ride, like Forest Hill Park, Bryan Park, or Dogwood Dell. Enjoy the urban scenery and fellow Richmonders. Heck, even jump off your bike and walk to a brewery. Those are also pretty high on the “Richmond Loves…” list.

More of a traditional mountain biker? Try trails like Deep Run, or Rockwood Park. Or Pocahontas State Park, with notoriously beautiful trails, built and maintained by volunteers.

Want a destination? Hop on the Capital Trail. This smoothly paved path runs 52 miles, from Shockoe Bottom in Richmond all the way to Jamestown. And hey, this just in: a new shuttle system has just launched, picking up or dropping off individuals and their bikes from the Capital Trail. For those who don’t feel like doing both sides, or who perhaps bit off more than they can chew.

And yes, in case you were wondering, there are plenty of bike rental spots in town.

So grab your helmet. Attach the tiny mirror. And see what Richmond has to offer.