Bellevue – Richmond, Virginia


How do I describe Bellevue. It has this…well, it’s very…hmmm. Let’s see. You know, there’s really only one way to describe it. Of all the neighborhoods in Richmond, it’s got to be one of the most neighborhood-y.

It’s a word.

bellevue garden walk

Pictures from Bellevue Civic Association

First of all, Bellevue has a Civic Association, an organization put together to unify residents and notify everyone about upcoming happenings. If you’re having any doubts about the neighborhood-y-ness of Bellevue, just look at the photo albums on the Civic Association website. Check out how much fun everyone is having at the “Annual Bellevue Garden Walk,” or the “Christmas on MacArthur” event. Everyone just looks so darn friendly.

The area feeds into four various schools, one of which (John Marshall High School) was recognized in 2016 in the National Rankings (by US News), and earned a medal (bronze).

There are also a handful of restaurants in Bellevue. All of which are independent. And locally owned. And when you walk in, everyone knows your name. That’s just so Bellevue!

If that information doesn’t convince you, maybe the families walking their dogs, kids riding their bikes down the street, and neighbors grilling out with each other will.

I bet Bellevue even has a Neighborhood Watch group.

Oh, yup, I just checked. They do.

And what would the perfect neighborhood be without a park? A 260-acre park in fact. Just across the street from Bellevue is Bryan Park, full of open spaces and ponds and events and families and birds chirping and rainbows.

Residentially-speaking, the neighborhood itself is filled with historic homes, in all shapes and sizes and complete with architecture unique from every other house in the area. And front porches, of course. Then circling the perimeter are multiple apartment buildings to choose from, with great amenities and that location you’ve been dreaming of.

So check it out. This neighborhood could be the neighborhoodiest neighborhood you’ve ever wanted to live in.